Lino cut card spring theme
Every year it’s SUCH a relief. The first snowdrops and crocuses raising there heads near the end of the winter season. Just like these colorful flowers, I long for light and air around this time of year. To shake off the dust and dark earth left over from winter time. Spring, I have been waiting for you!

Lino print snowdrops on laid paper

After six weeks of classes at the Teekenschool (Art School) of the Rijksmuseum, I have started to experiment at home with printing techniques. Lino prints are my favorite. Although I loved the magical result of the engraving last week, but this technique is a lot more messy to try at home (very persistent ink). Also, I prefer to work with color and find working in black-and-white a bit limiting. Lino prints are easy to make with a roller and special block print paint. I’ve also tried it with the regular acrylic paint that I had at home, but this is too runny and fills up the cuts in the lino, which makes the lovely details in your print disappear. I just love experimenting like this!

Block-printing-paint lino print

Make your own lino cut cards

Snowdrops lino cut

Snowdrops lino cut cards spring theme

Working with block print paint

Snowdrops greeting card

Snowdrop greeting card with envelope