Spud trail netherlands

Did the ordinary potato lost a bit of its appeal? Discover the world of Dutch potatoes, and here’s the catch, on your bicycle! A cycling route dotted with organic potato farmers, regional products, restaurants and B&B’s. From the northern province Friesland to the southern province Zeeland near the border of Belgium. Don’t worry… you can also enjoy a small part of the route.

Potato expedition

The first stop on my potato expedition is the organic farm Amelis’Hof, located in the middle of the beautiful estate Amelisweerd in Bunnik. On this paradise-like piece of land Michel and Mariëlle grow over sixty varieties of fruit, vegetables and all kinds of herbs and (edible) flowers. July and August are the perfect months for potato harvest. While I stroll around I spot Michel with his hands in the dirt, digging up the Rode Emma (Red Emma) and Blauwe Elise (Blue Elise), also know as truffle or purple potato. While getting back on my bike on my way to the next stop, Mariëlle puts some red beet leaves in my basket. “Rene will appreciate this.”


Five minutes later, I arrive as a courier slash journalist at De Veldkeuken (The Field Kitchen). Rene runs this lovely place with his wife, and they make good use of the organic and fresh ingredients from their neighbours. In their bakery they sell home-made pastries, fresh baked breads, soups and salads. You can take all of these to go, or relish while you flip through a magazine at the large wooden reading table.

Spud trail

For more great places and information check www.pieperpad.nl. You can order the bicycle route here, or download the GPS version. For more information about Amelis’Hof and De Veldkeuken visit www.amelishof.nl and www.veldkeuken.nl.

Dutch organic potatoes