Spring poster

Sketch grape hyacinths

It seems to take forever for spring to finally show its face here in Amsterdam. Just like us, brave daffodils and grape hyacinths keep getting surprised by the cold. But if you look closely you see it everywhere. Spring is slowly awakening. How about you?

Spring Challenge

Because spring is my favorite season, I immediately applied when I read about the Spring Challenge that designer Elizabeth Olwen, known for her lovely patterns, organized. The assignment was to partake in the online class Pattern Design I: Creating Inspiring Repeats and to post your final pattern. With spring as the main theme. Together with hundreds of other creative students. Step 1: doodle and doodle some more. Well that’s what I did until I could almost smell the new season around me. What a great way to clear all those dusty winter cobwebs from my mind!

Spring drawings

Spring endlessly repeated

Step 2: Scan the sketches and create a pattern in Adobe Illustrator, which can be repeated again and again. What I had in mind was a colorful gathering of fresh leaves, pink petals, blooming blossom and butterflies. I found this great quote online that kept me inspired: “Sometimes only a sigh of color is needed to awaken the heart”. Isn’t that beautiful?Spring pattern

Spring pattern fabric

Free spring pattern

My final pattern can be used on fabric, wrapping paper, wall paper, you name it. Or as a poster to frame and decorate your room with some happy spring colors. Would you like to frame this pattern as well? Leave a comment below and I will email you the spring poster for free.

Spring is in the air

If you can’t get enough of all this fresh spring inspiration, view the results of all the other students in the Project Gallery on the Skillshare website. You will be bouncing around with spring spirit in no time!