Dutch salad

I’m a happy camper. A new salad bar has opened in Amsterdam, right around the corner from my apartment. With dishes such as Pomptidupdoe, Venkels venkel, Linzenliefde and Wiljewortel on the menu very little can go wrong, if you ask me. And after the first bite, the happy feelings tenfold. If your looking for delicious flavors and surprising combinations, Venkel (Dutch for ‘fennel’) is the right place.

The light and stylish bar is a nice place to sit down for a quick bite or choose your salad to-go. Normally, after a long day of work, I long for the kitchen, which is my favorite place to relax. But if I have to be on my yoga mat at eight o’clock to bend my body in very(!) challenging ways, I prefer to eat fast and light. One plus one is two, so yoga plus dinner equals a pit stop at Venkel.

Saladbar Amsterdam

Hardworking bees along the Amstel

Elnaz Bahrami, who started Venkel a few months ago, can’t stop talking about the ingredients she uses. “All of our salads are made ​​with organic vegetables from local farmers who put a lot of love and devotion into their crops. We complement their vegetables with very special products, made ​​right here in our own city, by our neighbors. Like the honey that tastes after linden trees from the hardworking bees along the Amstel River. Or the fish from Henry, who drives up to the coast every morning to pick only the best and freshest fish. Fish from the season, because young fish still need to grow.

Fennel salad


Can’t get enough? Take some goodies home with you! The homemade fresh squeezed juices, mint and rhubarb lemonade and pure almond milk are for sale in bottles. Just like the homemade oils, vinegars and pickled vegetables.

Bittersweet spring salad

Every season Venkel has new dishes on the menu, so you won’t get bored easily. Starting this week, you can enjoy the latest spring flavors. Elnaz shares her favorite Bittersweet spring salad with grilled tuna and grapefruit with us, so you can try it for yourself at home!

Venkel Amsterdam

Where? Albert Cuypstraat 22, Amsterdam
Opened daily from 11:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
Visit www.venkelsalades.nl for up to date opening hours and information