It’s confession time. I have a brand new addiction. It keeps my eyes fixed on my phone while sitting in the train to work, makes me stay up late nights and causes me to talk about designers like Bonnie Christine as if they are my imaginary best friends. What is this funny addiction? It’s Skillshare!

Endlessly inspiring

“Skillshare is a global learning community for creators.” That’s how the people at Skillshare describe their online initiative. For me, their online classes are a great way to keep myself endlessly inspired. And on top of that, it is just a lovely way to spent time while watching artists creating wonderful things out of thin air. You can compare it with the old school Bob Ross TV show. Something about watching people create is mesmerizing. To me anyway ;). What I also really like is that some of the teachers, who are almost all independent designers or artists, share their story about how they got to this point in their careers.

I really hope this blog post will get you started as well. Pick a class that really gets your creativity flowing and keep me posted!


So here’s the first class project that I started during cold winter months… and have proudly finished. The encouragements of my fellow classmates really helped me to stick with it. The teacher Sandra Bowers did her very best to teach her most useful tips and tricks. The other day my project got 30 likes. Woehoe!

Robin in Winter Time

So here are some pictures of my first project ‘Robin in Winter Time’ for the class Transform Watercolor Illustrations into Intricate Patterns.

Robin in wintertime illustration

Bird watercolor

Robin painting

Drawing and scanning

The first step was drawing and scanning icons to use in the pattern. Sitting at our table sketching away is such a nice break from all the hours of work behind the computer every day…

Robin icons

Building the pattern

The next challenge was to take these icons and built a pattern block that can be repeated again and again. A bit of a puzzle! But the possibilities are endless. You can create your own pattern and use it to print on fabric, for post cards, wrapping paper… Here is the result. What do you think?

Postcard Robin in Winter time

Gift card Robin

Gift Card Robin Christmas