Dutch goat cheese

I wrote it on my to-do-list a few months ago, because I visited this summer but had way to little time to spend, and never got over that o-so-frustrating-feeling of missing out on too many delicious things. Yesterday I got to make up for that because The Pure Market visited the Beatrixpark in Amsterdam again. What is better than spending your weekend strolling around gathering the best bits and bites, and enjoying them at home with friends and family? Right… Nothing!

Traveling Sunday market

The Pure Market (De Pure Markt) was once again stacked with all sorts of artisan food. The idea is that people who make the food, sell the food, which makes it fun to walk around and hear the stories behind the products. The Pure Market is a traveling Sunday market with a few set locations in Amsterdam and changing locations outside Amsterdam. I have only visited the Beatrixpark, a beautiful park, especially during this season with all the lovely fall leaves.

Dutch goat ‘kroket’

The day was made perfect by biting into a Dutch goat croquette, ‘kroket’ as we Dutch call it. Made from the meat and stock of Amsterdam dairy goats that have had a lovely, very Dutch, life. They also have a goat cheese version by the way, worth trying!

Pure market Amsterdam

The Pure Market

When? The Pure Market always takes place on sundays
Where? The market has changing locations, but is often located in several parks in Amsterdam (Park Frankendael, Amstelpark, Beatrixpark) and locations outside Amsterdam (Den Haag, Hilversum, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel)
Admission is free
For up to date locations, data and more information visit www.puremarkt.nl