Pick-your-own Terschelling

For my work at Birdlife Netherlands I visit the islands in the Dutch Wadden Sea often, especially Terschelling. By now I am beginning to know the island well and, big bonus, the best places where I can gather delicious local treats before I hop on the boat back to main land. One of these places is Zelfpluktuin Groenhof. I don’t know the English translation for ‘zelfpluktuin’, I am guessing it’s ‘pic-your-own’, but the important thing to know is that you can pick your own treats from the garden.

Harvest feast

Every summer you can fill up your basket here with sustainably grown strawberries and a variety of berries. Red, blue, black and gooseberries with cute names like Rotet, Stanza and Roodneus (Red Nose). And don’t forget the vast selection of cherries such as Merchant, Kordia and Burlat during late summer. Stop by if you are on the island to see what is ready for harvest that day. The picnic rugs are hanging by the door waiting for you!

Pick your own Terschelling

Terschelling Netherlands

The garden shop

In the garden shop you can buy the organic products that were made from the left over fruit such as cranberry marmalade. Terschelling is known for its delicious cranberries that you can pick yourself during the fall season. Read all about the best places to do cranberry picking and where to buy the best products in the article Cranberry harvest on Terschelling.

Pick your own Netherlands

Island of Terschelling Netherlands

U pick farm Netherlands

Light yellow night caps

Please don’t forget to pick your own bouquet of field flowers when you are there. Or buy seeds for your own garden back home. Who does not want to look out onto a field of light yellow and soft orange colored California Poppies? In Dutch, we call California Poppies ‘Slaapmutsjes’, which is Dutch for ‘night caps’. Cute, huh! 

Pick-your-own Terschelling

When? As soon as the first fruit is ripe (usually around June), the garden and shop are open for public.
Where? Zelfpluktuin Groenhof is located on the main road between Hoorn and Oosterend on the Dutch island of Terschelling.
For up to date information visit www.zelfpluktuingroenhof.nl.

U pick farm Terschelling

Groenhof Terschelling