Dutch potatoepeeler

Potatoes, beetroots, Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, celeriac… There is something very Dutch about tubers from the ground. Maybe it’s The Potato Eaters by Van Gogh or the Potato Peeler from August Allebé (top right). Whatever it is, tubers are always there to get us through the winter, so this week I continue that tradition!

I’m a very lucky person, I know… When I look out my window I see the Rijksmuseum. Since it reopened, it is a place where I often walk around daydreaming. If you ever get the chance to visit, please do so, you won’t regret it! Until then, you can enjoy a large selection of the collection from your own living room, thanks to Rijksstudio. A paradise for art lovers. Last time, this beautiful lady peeling potatoes by the window (Aardappelschilster) caught my eye. Inspired, I thought of two chunky puree recipes.

Hurray for the vegetable peeler!

With my recipe for Jerusalem artichoke puree all the potato peelers around the world would not have been very pleased, I’m afraid. The basic ingredient is the knobbly Jerusalem artichoke. Early 17th century, this tuber was discovered in North America and imported into France, and it soon spread and became very popular in the rest of Europe. When the potato was introduced a century later, many chose this smooth skinned alternative. But lately you see the Jerusalem artichoke popping up everywhere, in supermarkets and restaurants. From October to March it grows on Dutch fields. All I can say is: hurray for the vegetable peeler!

Smooth skin

The second recipe for baby potato puree gives all nifty potato peelers a day off, because these young potatoes can be mashed with skin and all.