Because I refer to it in so many posts about my cards and invitations, I thought it was about time to devote a post to my favorite paper store in Amsterdam: De Vlieger. A store that is sooo finger licking good, that you just want to be buried underneath a pile of washi tape rolls and never go outside again… If you are in Amsterdam, you just háve to visit!

Paper store Amsterdam De Vlieger

Two floors of goodies

On the main floor you can find tape, envelopes, cardboard, boxes and paper. And not JUST plain paper. Paper with dried flowers in it and with the most gorgeous prints. If you are looking for a nice poster for a kids room (or your own room for that matter) you are good to go for just a few euros. And if you thought that one floor was enough to make yourself crazy… don’t take the stairs! On the second floor you can find pens, markers, etc. Anything your heart desires. Ow and don’t miss the supplies that architects use to make maquettes. A vast amount of teeny tiny people, trees, and Dutch bicycles. So cute!

PS. I will not be held responsible for any impulse purchases that are a result of this post ;).

Paper store Amsterdam – De Vlieger

Where? Amstel 34, 1017 AB Amsterdam