Window feather

Sometimes I see one flutter past my window, from tree to tree, a cheerful parakeet. Most people don’t believe me, but today I found this bright green feather on my doorstep in the middle of Amsterdam. This just has to be a feather of one of these twittering flutterers. Ha! Proof!

Escaped from the zoo

Different stories are going around about the origin of these exotic rose-ringed parakeets (Psittacula krameri) in the otherwise mostly greyish ‘Mokum’ (Dutch word for ‘Amsterdam’). Meanwhile, their numbers are steadily growing. Did they escape from the city zoo? Did a bird owner release them once, after which they started leading their own lives? My neighbors and I can only guess. What ‘s your version of the story? Leave a comment and let me know :).

Staring out my window

For now I keep staring out my window, because I got my own city zoo right here outside my house…

Green feather Amsterdam

Rijks museum Amsterdam

Window Amsterdam