Ginger soup recipe

Christmas days filled with abundant meals are behind us, for now. I always love to live in world of good cheese, wine, sweets and overrunning plates for two whole days. But after a too many hours sitting at the dining table or couch I long for some fresh air and food that gets me balanced again. The recipe for this is without a doubt fresh ginger soup!

Into the woods

A few weeks ago I took part in an ‘Inspiration week’ which was located in the Veluwe, a beautiful national park in the province Gelderland. On a cold but sunny day we were sent into the woods, alone, with nothing but a backpack. After a long walk I sat down at a bench and when I unzipped my bag I found a thermo mug with hot soup. De smell of pinetrees and fresh gingers surrounded me… Inspiration all the way!


The basis of this soup is delicious as is, but if you want a bit more bite, you can add different kinds of mushrooms and other vegetables left-overs that you have lying around in the fridge.

Dutch landscape

Forest walk Netherlands

Fall Netherlands

Fresh ginger soup recipe

Ingredients (2 persons)

2 (organic) bouillon cubes
1 liter water
a thumb size piece of fresh ginger

Filling (optional)
Sliced shiitake mushrooms, (dried) porcini mushrooms, spring onion or carrot


Crumble the bouillon cubes over a saucepan or divide over two thermo mugs. Chop the ginger into small pieces and use a garlic press to squeeze out the juice on top of the bouillon. Add your choice of vegetables (optional). Pour 1 liter of boiling water over the ingredients and stir.