Fabric birthday bunting

I hope you all enjoyed my latest post on how to make your own fabric bunting for a very special person (my little nephew Philip). Well get ready for part two! This time I made a fabric bunting for my beautiful niece, Florine, who turned 3 last month. These great baby blue eyes deserve something really memorable don’t you think?

Vintage fabrics

Every sewing mission starts with the search for the perfect fabrics. As mentioned in the previous DIY fabric name bunting tutorial, I prefer vintage fabrics for a project like this, because it’s a clever way to include wonderful memories and save money at the same time. So quickly, my closet was turned inside out, left over pieces of sewing projects were flying around, and once neatly ordered stacks were turned to big messy piles.

Cute but not too girly

I was looking for something cute but not too girly. I’m not really into the whole everything-needs-to-be-pink-for-a-babygirl mindset. Eventually I found this really nice old pillowcase and lace top. I thought it would be nice to combine the girly lace with boyish denim and add a splash of bright yellow. To finish it all off I bought bias tape with flowers on the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam, which is only a few streets from where I live, lucky me. I must say, the result is very much ‘Florine’. For people who don’t know her, let the pictures speak for themselves!


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