Fall birth announcement card illustration Anne-Lieke Creative

What a perfect assignment. A birth announcement card, for a baby girl named Vera, in autumn theme. When I look out of the window I see deep warming tones ocher. Bolsters of beech nuts, elegantly folded open towards the sky, are crunching underneath my shoes. The nuts have fallen out, sprinkled all around between the leaves. A nice metaphor for new life, and a soon-to-be mother and father expecting their first child. If you look closely, you might be surprised by a mushroom popping out at you with it’s bright red color. With white dots all over, like in a fairytale.

Birth announcement fall theme

That same week I get a request for a birth announcement card in autumn theme from England, for a boy named Axel. But this time with a squirrel on the inside, because they run around in the garden of the future parents. Autumn colors, beech nuts, fallen leaves, mushrooms and squirrels. I have my sketchbook ready and am ready to go!

Fall birth announcement Amsterdam Netherlands

Birth announcement boy girl fall theme squirrel

Birth announcement seasons fall nature

Ink drawing with watercolor

Lately, I’ve been working a lot with ink and then add small splashes and details with watercolor paint to bring the drawing to life. I always love the process of really looking at what you draw, nature is such a beautiful thing. The ‘skirt’ that sticks out underneath the top of a fly amanita. The graceful veins running through a beech leaf. I love the seasons and all it brings…

Fall birth announcement beech nuts sketch

Dutch envelop birth announcement

Birth announcement squirrel mushroom

Fall illustrations Anne-Lieke Creative

Personal stamp mushroom fall theme

Spring, summer, fall & winter

Would you also like to have a birth announcement card made with nature elements matching the seasons? I would love to hear from you. Also take a look at birth announcement Josephine, in spring theme, with newly hatched flowers and butterflies. Makes me long for the spring months!