Birth announcement card girl flowers spring

Of all the special birth announcement cards I made for lovely people around the world, this one is definitely at the top of my most special list… Because this birth announcement is for our own baby girl. As I am writing this blog, we are waiting for her arrival (and have passed the due date of May 20th). An impatient but also magical time… We can’t hardly wait!

Birth announcement card lily of the valley

Designer birth announcement cards Amsterdam Anne-Lieke

Dutch ink illustration flowers

Blooming in springtime

While collecting ideas, I knew quickly that I wanted to do something with flowers blooming in springtime. I had a fairy-tale-like illustration in mind, as if walking through a field of wildflowers. At the same time I wanted to keep it simple (because the most beautiful things in life usually are). Maybe by working with ink, keeping most of the illustration black and white. I started out with sketches of red clover, field mouse-ear, lily-of-the-valley, cuckoo flowers, butterflies, wild grass and twirling dandelion seeds. I also fell in love with the rare twinflower (Linnaea Borealis) with its two humbly hanging heads.

Birth announcement card pink water color paint

Birth announcement card unique designs

The return of color

Because I could already picture myself for hours and hours behind the sketch table, because this is such a dear-to-my-heart project, I was surprised how quickly I put the initial drawing down on paper. Probably because I had the idea floating around in my mind for quite some time. Because spring is a time of fresh green leaves and the return of color, I wanted to try and add some soft spring colors. The result is some subtle streaks of water color paint that bring add light and life to the illustration.

Birth announcement card house Amsterdam

Illustration home

“Our house, in the middle of the street”

Daan and I have been living in our apartment in Amsterdam for over five years now. We are both a bit curious how the three flights of stairs will work once we have our little one (including stroller, diaper bag, etc.) but we will figure that out as we go. At the same time we are very excited to welcome our little girl to this special and unique place in the heart of the city. That is why Daan came up with the idea to include the house in the illustration, which I loved to do. I never studied our street, house and balcony this thoroughly.

Birth announcement cards matching stamps Dutch Amsterdam

Birth announcement envelope Dutch design

Matching envelope and stamps

I combined the card with an envelope to match the off-white laid paper. And when the stamps arrived by mail I was dancing around in the living room. Very happy with how the twinflowers liven up the envelope. After all, it’s all in the details.

Framed birth announcement card Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam framed birth announcement card

Birth announcement card Josephine

Birth announcement card Amsterdam

On top of the fire place

By now, the card is proudly framed and stealing the show in our living room. Which is such a fun thing to do, to have the birth announcement card beautifully framed or give as a present to new parents. Only the date needs to be modified when the time is right… Josephine, we are ‘patiently’ waiting!