Anne-Lieke Faber

Since I was very little, I love to create beautiful things. I express this love in all aspects of my life. In my work as illustrator, editor and as mother of Josephine and Evelijn. I live with my family in Doorn, the Netherlands. Near the woods, where I like to take long walks and clear my head.


Nature is an endless source of inspiration to me. My love and knowledge of its diversity and all it has to offer has grown through my work for BirdLife Netherlands.

The power of seasons also moves me deeply. New life during spring, the colorful abundance of summer, the golden colors of fall and the stillness of winter.

In a busy world, I try to capture simplicity in my work and the essence of what I draw.


When I grow up

As a child, I would spend hours and hours crafting and creating. “Even if the house is on fire, Anne-Lieke would not notice a thing”, our neighbor always said. Today, I still feel very much in my element inside my own creative bubble. I knew very early what I wanted to do when I’d grow up. Writing and illustrating, like the Dutch artist Marjolein Bastin. My second dream was to work for a wildlife organization to help protect nature. A while ago I realized that both dreams came true. I am so very thankful for that.

Always crafting and creating in my childhood room with mural of my mom


Master of Arts (cum laude), Utrecht University
Art Academy Utrecht
Teekenschool Rijksmuseum
TOPklas Illustration