Welcome to my website, so nice to have you here! My name is Anne-Lieke Faber, and I am an illustrator, editor, mother of Josephine, nature lover and much more. I live near to the beautiful woods in Doorn, the Netherlands. Ever since I was very little, I love to create beautiful things. My goal is to give to others through creating. I do this as freelance illustrator and as editor for Vogelbescherming Nederland.

For my illustrations I mostly draw by hand using ink and water color. But I always keep experimenting with different techniques such as collage, lino prints and digital styles. I draw inspiration from nature, seasons, surprising assignments and personal requests that I receive.

Are you looking for illustrations for a book, magazine, exhibit or a personal birth announcement or wedding invitation? Take a look around on my website and send me a message below. I’d love to hear from you!

Warm wishes,



TOPklas Illustration, Teekenschool Rijksmuseum, Utrecht University, Art Academy Utrecht


I have worked for a diverse range of clients, from private commissions to magazines and NGO’s
(Jamie Oliver, Libelle, Margriet, Allerhande, Vogelbescherming, etc.).