Fern leaf linocut print

Hipster wedding stationary Anne-Lieke

What a joy to be part of a great team of creatives for this styled photoshoot! Last March we created a wedding wonderland in the woods, to show people what a hipster wedding can look like. The assignment was clean, green and down to earth. I was asked to design the stationary for this lovely event.

Working in the woods

And there I was, working behind this tiny antique wooden table surrounded by tall trees. I wish I always had a work place like this, in the middle of nature. It was so much fun to see everyone passionately running around and working so hard. And of course it’s very special to have your work in the spotlights like this. Thanks Cynthia for organising such an inspiring day!

Linocut wedding stationary Anne-Lieke

handmade wedding stationary Anne-Lieke

Handmade wedding stationary

Hipster wedding

Wedding vows handmade stationary Anne-Lieke

Wedding stationary Anne-Lieke

Fern leaf

Because the end result is always best when things match, there where lots of phone calls, messages and pictures sent back and forth before the big day. The florist told me that she was going to work with fern leaf. So that’s what I decided to make the starting point for my design. The result is a linocut print with mixed green ink. Every card handmade and completely unique. For the font I choose something simple and classy. All on off-white laid paper.

Complete stationary set

Nothing is as stylish as a complete stationary set, in one coherent style. So next to the save the date, rsvp cards and invitations, I designed cards for the vows. Nobody wants to fiddle with a torn piece of paper during moment suprème right? Vows are also a really nice memory to frame after the big day. To make everything complete I made name cards for the diner table, attached with a golden seal stamp to slices of rustic wood.

Gold wax seal

To make everything even more special, I hand carved a seal stamp in the shape of a fern leaf. That way, to party will already start when guests receive their envelope with golden wax seal stamp on their door mat.

Lots of talent

Take a look at the beautiful pictures made by Liefdesmomenten and the work of all these creative people at the website Trouwplannen.nl. Get inspired for your hipster wedding! To start, a little peak behind the scenes:

With thanks to

Location – Kasserie OCK
Wedding dress – Victors Wedding Design
Wedding suit – TailerMadeSuits
Styling – HappYes
Florist – ‘t Bloemeke
Cake – Delicious Sweetness
Wedding rings – Monique ‘tHoen Goudsmid en Ontwerp
Hair & Make-up – Cynthia Veenman Visagie & Haarstyling
Music – Lace
Decor & props – ‘t Brocantehuisje

Hipster wedding photography

Save the date stationary hipster nature

Dutch handmade stationary Anne-Lieke

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New life


How special, to photograph my very dear friend Manon while she is expecting a baby for the first time. After a long train ride from the east of the Netherlands, she arrived in Amsterdam. With a bag filled with different tops, a tin of powder that had exploded halfway through the journey and I think at least three pairs of shoes. But a natural beauty like that doesn’t really need much, don’t you think?

A time of expectations

A week before, I took a walk through the Vondelpark to search for the best places to capture the mood I had in mind. At the beginning of March, the park is still leafless, so I decided to look for contrast with the first awakenings of color. Every year it’s a miracle to me, those brightly colored flower buds popping up from the cold ground. A symbol of new life. A time of expectations. And just like I hoped, a week later everything was in full bloom. Even the first blossom graced us with it’s presence.

Loving picture

What makes me so happy when looking at these photographs, is that the real Manon shines through. Incredibly charming (without knowing it), a bit chaotic (in the best way) and with a smile that disarms everyone. When two hours later, her best friends and mother showed up at the park to surprise her with a baby shower the day was golden. Of course I did not let the chance go by to capture three generations together in one photograph. A loving picture.

Cherish this moment dear friend!

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Time for snowdrops

Lino cut card spring theme
Every year it’s SUCH a relief. The first snowdrops and crocuses raising there heads near the end of the winter season. Just like these colorful flowers, I long for light and air around this time of year. To shake off the dust and dark earth left over from winter time. Spring, I have been waiting for you!

Lino print snowdrops on laid paper

After six weeks of classes at the Teekenschool (Art School) of the Rijksmuseum, I have started to experiment at home with printing techniques. Lino prints are my favorite. Although I loved the magical result of the engraving last week, but this technique is a lot more messy to try at home (very persistent ink). Also, I prefer to work with color and find working in black-and-white a bit limiting. Lino prints are easy to make with a roller and special block print paint. I’ve also tried it with the regular acrylic paint that I had at home, but this is too runny and fills up the cuts in the lino, which makes the lovely details in your print disappear. I just love experimenting like this!

Block-printing-paint lino print

Make your own lino cut cards

Snowdrops lino cut

Snowdrops lino cut cards spring theme

Working with block print paint

Snowdrops greeting card

Snowdrop greeting card with envelope

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